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Monica B. Fine

In conclusion Monica’s teaching areas include marketing research, personal selling, services marketing, international business, and promotional management. While serving as a co-leader of the International Business in Europe program, while she has also taught and conducted research in France, Germany, Spain, and Italy since 2012.

Furthermore Dr. Fine’s research interests include the marketing/finance interface and brand acquisitions. In addition IPOs, social and mobile media, and resort tourism. Research authored by Dr. Fine while published in a wide variety of outlets like Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing and Coastal Business Journal.  So as a result over forty of her other articles and miscellaneous works have been published in various national and regional conference proceedings. Prior to her academic career, Dr. Fine’s professional experience included positions professional selling and the service sector.

In addition to her academic scores Dr. Monica Fine also owns a marketing consulting firm. Furthermore B Fine Consulting also offers a variety of business and marketing services. Hence while our client industries include especially relevant high-end commercial/residential construction.

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