Domke-Damonte, D., P. Martin, and M. Fine (2014)
Operations Management Educational Review

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This paper focuses on the development of a novel approach to teaching operations management (OM) topics through experiential learning with a study abroad course going to France, Germany, and Spain, in which students engaged in company visits and other learning activities. Content analysis of self-reflection included in final reports indicated that students incorporated concept applications from multiple areas of OM in their reports. Assessment of student evaluations indicated that, in comparison with students taking the same course in a traditional on-campus format, students believed that they learned significantly more from this course as compared to other courses on the focal campus. The program responds to critiques posed by authors who suggest the superficiality of some study abroad programs and incorporates novel approaches to engage student appreciation of the implications and context of OM topics. Activities for engaging similar exposure to topics in the traditional on-campus OM classroom are presented.